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In this article you will find 12 great things from AliExpress for exercise, fitness and gym. The products listed are selected based on high user ratings and number of orders.

Exercise, fitness and gym AliExpress

1. Ab Roller

The Ab Roller is a great aerobic tool for strengthening the whole body. By sliding across the floor, the abdominal and pectoral muscles are strengthened, but the arms, shoulders and calves are also engaged. The non-slip finish ensures safe movement during exercise. The exercise wheel is a very popular tool when exercising with your own weight.

Price: from US $13

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Ab Roller AliExpress

2. Pull Rubber Band

The Pull Rubber Band is a versatile fitness tool designed to strengthen the muscles of the entire body, rehabilitation and weight loss. With the rubber band you can practice various exercises with a load that is determined by the resistance of the material from which the rubber is made. When used properly, the strengthening rubber will fully replace dumbbells and some weight machines. The rubber is affordable and very easy to store.

Price: from US $13

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Pull Rubber Band AliExpress

3. Power Ball

The Power Ball is the perfect wrist exerciser and relaxation aid. With simple hand movements, the booster allows you to bring the Roller Ball to high speed and exert great force. The aid helps to strengthen the hands, wrists and forearms. The aid is suitable for football, tennis, squash, golf, climbing, martial arts and more.

Price: from US $9

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Power Ball AliExpress

4. Hand Gripper

The Hand Gripper with adjustable resistance can be used as a good supplement to exercise or as a rehabilitation aid. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles of the fingers, palm, wrist and forearm. The finger exerciser can also be used as an anti-stress aid, as the movement of the hand helps to better release tension and reduce stress.

Price: from US $8

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Hand Gripper AliExpress

5. Punchball

Boxing ball (Punchball) is a simple boxing training aid that helps to improve reaction speed, coordination, endurance and accuracy of punches. You put the headband on your head and adjust its size with Velcro. You then tie the ball to the headband.

Price: from US $1

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Punchball AliExpress

6. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is Xiaomi’s new flagship fitness band for 2021. Xiaomi Mi Band 6 offers more new features at a very low price. The new features include a larger 1.56″ AMOLED display (336 ppi, 450 nits brightness and 152 x 486 dot resolution), 30 sports modes, blood oxygenation (SpO2) monitoring and breathing quality assessment during sleep.

Price: from US $36

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Sport Wristband

7. Water bottle

You should follow a drinking regime in every sport. A water bottle will help you with this. When doing sports, you will soon feel thirsty, so you should always have a sports bottle handy. The bottle will help you maintain your drinking regime during sports activities outdoors and in the fitness centre.

Price: from US $15

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Water bottle AliExpress

8. Wireless headphones

These wireless headphones are not only practical, allowing you to listen to your favorite music without cables, but also have quality sound.

Price: from US $9

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Wireless headphones AliExpress

9. Compression Socks

These compression socks are the perfect accessory for any sport: running, football, basketball,… Their compression material improves circulation and thus improves muscle oxygenation.

Price: from US $1

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Compression socks AliExpress

10. Knee Support Braces 

If you suffer from a knee injury or simply want to protect your knee. On AliExpress you can find these handy knee braces, they are very cheap and high quality. There are different colour options to choose from. To get the right size, measure your knee and compare it with the chart in the product description.

Price: from US $5

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Knee Support Braces AliExpress

11. Yoga Socks

Thanks to their design and non-slip sole, these yoga socks are ideal for yoga, pilates or any other activity where you need to go barefoot. Their design allows the foot to move naturally.

Price: from US $1

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Yoga Socks AliExpress

12. Multifunctional Sports Pocket Mini Fanny Pack 

This Multifunctional Sports Pocket Mini Fanny Pack is the perfect accessory for running. It has plenty of room to carry everything you need comfortably and safely.

Price: from US $4

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Multifunctional Sports Pocket Mini Fanny Pack AliExpress

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